I debate it for half a second before I change my mind. Though I love when I get Chris worked up and crazy, and Croy seems to be his hot button, I opt not to. Tonight’s the first game of the season, and he doesn’t need me adding to his stress. No matter how much I want to go over there in protest of Miss Heart sitting on his desk, I refrain. Isn’t there a freaking thirty-year-old history book she should be updating or something?

Making my way to the front of the classroom, I sit in the chair directly in front of them, dropping my bag on the floor next to me. Now I’ll be able to hear everything they say. Miss Heart shoots me an annoyed look, like she notices this as well, but she quickly covers it up. She leans down close to Chris, and it’s then I realize my mistake. Now she’ll just have to lean in close to him to whisper.

I can’t do anything but stare at her. The famous Miss Heart. And by ‘famous’, I mean all the boys have talked about her since I can remember. She teaches ninth grade history and runs the cheerleading squad for the varsity football team. Today is game day, so the cheerleaders wear their uniforms, the players all sport their jerseys, and all the teachers and students dress in ‘spirit’ gear, something I’ve never participated in. I’ve never even gone to one of the games. Living in Texas, people worship high school football; something I still don’t understand.

Like everyone else Miss Heart is all dressed up for game day. She has her dark hair in a high ponytail with blue and white ribbons. Her jeans fit her almost like a second skin, and I wonder how she breathes in them. Her school shirt has a deep V down in the front, and the further she leans down towards Chris, the more her boobs show.

I look over at him and see his eyes are locked on me, not paying any attention to Miss Heart.

“Chris,” she says louder, making him look back at her. I bite the inside of my mouth.

“We could really use your help on Saturday. Afterwards everyone is going out, and you’re more than welcome to join us. You can meet the rest of the staff. I’m sure we’ll be celebrating your win.”

“I don’t think I can, Kim. I’m moving this weekend.” His voice is dismissive, and it warms my belly. Normally, girls like her get all the guys, but for some reason Chris wants me. It’s attention I’ve never gotten from the opposite sex before. Well, not until recently. But to be honest, I hadn't wanted it until him. Chris is different. I knew it from the moment I ran right into him. My mom always told me when I found the one, I’d know it, and she was right. Seeing him and feeling him for the first time, it was like my body came alive. And like most things I’ve wanted in life, I just went for it. When I decide on something, it’s final and there’s no holding me back. That’s what I’ve been doing with Chris, but sometimes I think I bit off more than I can chew. I know this could end badly, and that maybe our timing is wrong, but I also know that it would take something like this, something hard and fast and consuming, to change me.

“How about you come Saturday night, and I’ll come over Sunday and help you.” She leans in closer to Chris, and I hear her say in a hushed tone, “Or I could just stay over Saturday night, and I’ll be there in the morning to help you.”

“Megan.” I jump when Croy says my name and it pulls me away from hearing Chris’ answer to Miss Heart’s innuendo. I don’t turn around to look at Croy, because I know he’s taken the seat behind me. I can feel him leaning up closer to me, and I want to cringe.

“Yes, Croy,” I say, pulling out my notebook from my bag, trying not to stare at Miss Heart and Chris. I don’t want to watch her flirt with him, and I know there’s nothing I can do about it.


“You change your mind and decide you want to come to the dance with me? Broke my heart when you cancelled.”

It’s hard to contain the snort I want to release. First off, it wasn't me who cancelled the date, it was Chris. He took my phone and texted Croy. I’m not even sure what he said because he deleted the text and blocked his number. I don’t know what Croy’s deal is. We’ve gone to school together since middle school, and I don’t think he’s ever talked to me in my life until this year. It’s got to be these boobs. I glance down at my shirt and see my boobs straining against it. I really need to get some bigger sizes. I had no idea this was going to happen over the summer. This has to be more then late blossoming.

“Hmm…” I struggle to find the words. I’ve not been big on talking to boys. Chris is the exception, but he’s definitely no boy.

I feel Croy pull one of the pencils out of my hair, making my locks fall, hitting my shoulders. I’m annoyed, and I start to say something, but luckily I’m saved from having to answer him.

“Anderson, why don’t you go to my office and watch those game tapes? I’ve got them sitting on my desk.”

I look up to see Chris glaring over at us. Why is he angry? It’s not like I can control where Croy chooses to sit. It’s freaking study hall. Seniors come and go as they please. But I love that he’s feeling a spark of the jealousy that I’m feeling right now.

Getting up from his seat, Croy tugs on a piece of my hair, making me look up at him. “You coming tonight?” he asks, and I know he’s talking about the game.

I just nod my head.

“Wait for me after and we’ll talk.” He pauses for a second, and then leans down so he can look me in my eyes. “Since you won’t respond to my texts.”

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