I clenched his black t-shirt and touched my nose to his. “I know. Thank you for my bracelet.”

“I’m going to spoil you.” His hands caressed my hair.

I smiled. “Don’t you dare. Just do me a favor. Leave your window unlocked. I may surprise you some night soon.”

He sucked in a breath, and I crashed my mouth down on his. His tongue touched mine, and he dug his fingers into my hips, bringing me hard against him. I could already feel that I was ready for him.

Damn it. Must earn father’s trust back. I repeated my mantra.

“Go on. Get out of here. Please,” I begged and stepped off the bed. He got up but grabbed me for one more kiss before he walked to the French doors.

I watched him climb safely back through his window, where he gave me one last look before grinning and turning off his light.

I stood there for a minute, watching the rain splatter through the tree.

The thunder rumbled in the night, reminding me of my monologue and how Jared and I had come full circle. We were friends again, and also more.

I was his. And he was mine.

We had never been gone from each other. Both of us were shaping the other even though we didn’t realize it.


And now we were complete.

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