The only thing to keep him going were the letters his parents and Dorothy sent, along with the pictures of the love of his life.

Kissing her lips, he made love to her, bringing her to multiple orgasms before he reached his own. Quinn thrust inside her one final time, staring deep into her eyes as he came, filling the condom.

He made a vow in his mind. Quinn was going to make sure to always make Kaley happy, to give her everything her heart desired, and to make sure she never was left alone again.

Taking her lips, he moaned as she responded to him once again. He stayed inside her tight warmth, never wanting to go. Locking their hands together, he made sure they were close like they would be in the future. Nothing was ever going to tear them apart. He thought about his invasion of her privacy in reading her books. Maybe he should tell her, but he decided against it. What Kaley didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her.


Kaley moved around the kitchen while Quinn made her favorite stir-fry. She loved the smell of garlic, ginger, and chicken together. She was aware of the ache between her thighs as she set the table. They’d spent all of last night and this morning making love. For the first time in her life she didn’t go to the library on her day off. She spent the whole day with Quinn. Her books were still in her bag waiting for her to read.

“You can study tomorrow at work,” Quinn said.

She eyed her bag but couldn’t find the excitement to actually study. Being around Quinn was a lot of fun. Neither of them had spoken words of love to each other, yet she felt it. She’d been in love with Quinn a long time, longer than she liked to remember. Over the years she had compared all of the men who asked her on a date with this man. All of them failed to compete.

“Okay.” She sat at the table watching him work. Quinn only wore a pair of sweatpants and stood at the stove flicking the wok. His muscles were defined with his work. She pressed her thighs together as she recalled the feel of his lips on her tender flesh. Each memory was burned into her brain. She didn’t want to forget a moment of their time together. “What are we going to tell Dorothy?”

“My sister knows how I feel about you. She helped to arrange for me to be here so you wouldn’t scamper away.”

Kaley had figured as much. Her friend had cooked her favorite meal as an apology. It made sense seeing as Dorothy rarely cooked. “Are you sure our parents will be okay with all of this?”


“I’ve already spoken to them, Kaley. They think it’s good news we’re getting together.” He served up their food, moving toward her. She took the bowl and fork. Chopsticks were always a challenge for her to use.

Taking her first bite, she thought about their parents. “You told everyone about me but me.”

“I couldn’t even get you to stay in the same room as me, baby. I figured I’d take my time getting to know you before making my move.”

She frowned. Quinn had been in their apartment a week before he made his move. “How did you know I’d respond? I mean, I’ve never showed any sign of wanting you.” Her cheeks were getting warmer by the second. His intense gaze wasn’t helping any.

“Do you not want me?”

“You know I do.”

“Then nothing else matters. I wanted you, and I was going to make sure you wanted me.”

“A seduction?”

“Of sorts.” He took a large mouthful, and she couldn’t help but remember those lips on more delicate parts of her body. She was losing her mind.

“Are you remembering the feel of my lips on your body?”

She jerked toward him, surprised at how easily he could read her. He reached out to slide his hand along the inside of her thighs. Kaley shook at the feel of his hands on the inside of her thighs. Quinn moved up until he stroked the naked lips of her pussy. She only wore the shirt he’d given her, nothing else all day.

“Your pussy is really nice and wet for me, baby.”


He put his bowl down, and she copied him. He pushed his chair back then removed his sweatpants. She couldn’t look away as he quickly placed a condom, which he’d taken out of the pocket of his sweatpants, over his thick cock. Were all men in a constant state of arousal? She didn’t know the answer. Looking at Quinn, she believed so.

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