“I want you, Kaley. No more hiding.” He claimed a kiss, stopping any kind of protest she may have. Slipping his tongue between her lips, he tasted her.

She moaned. The sound vibrated around his body, drawing him closer to her. He lifted her up in his arms, carrying her across the rooms. Quinn didn’t go for his room.

“What are you doing? You can’t carry me,” she said, wrapping arms around his neck.

“I want you in my arms, baby.” He opened the door, kicking it closed before he placed her on the bed. Quinn tugged the shirt over his head, letting her see him naked.

Kaley had opened her lips to protest only to stop when he got partially naked. Her gaze landed on his chest, covered in the ink he’d gotten over the years. On his arm was the Navy Seal insignia of his unit. The ink around his heart was her name in fancy writing. He’d gotten drunk when he visited home only to find she’d left to spend Thanksgiving with her family. It was one of the trips where he didn’t get to see her. He hated it but refused to go back to work without some memory or token of her. The tattoo was a constant reminder to him of what he was working for.

She stood up, staring into his eyes.

Quinn wondered what she was going to do when her hands lay on his chest.

“You really want me?”


“I’ve always wanted you.”

She stroked his chest, going up and down his abs. Her touch alone turned him on. He reached around her back, unsnapping her bra.


“This is moving too fast.”

“I’ve tried slow. You always found a way to be away from me.” He pulled the bra from her body, leaving her naked like him. Quinn didn’t touch her breasts. Wrapping his arms around her back, he drew her closer so they were chest to chest. The tips of her breasts touched his chest, and it was perfect to him. He closed his eyes for a split second, relishing the feel of her being close to him. Quinn didn’t want to let her go.

Dropping a quick kiss to her neck, he licked the pulse.

“If you don’t want me to continue, I won’t. The moment you tell me no, I’ll stop. I’m going to hold you, and I’m not leaving. We’re together now, Kaley.”

She released a shaky sigh.

He pushed hair off her neck, groaning as her hands moved across his skin.

“I’ve never done this before,” she said.

“You’ve never had a man between these pale thighs?”

She shook her head, clearly unable to answer.

“I can handle that. I’ll take it slow. Now, tell me, Kaley. Do you want me?” He needed to hear her tell him the truth. Quinn wasn’t a rapist, nor did he relish taking something from her she wasn’t willing to give. He wasn’t a monster.

“Yes, I want you.”

Cupping her face, he slammed his lips down on hers, no longer holding back. His desire was over six years in the making. This woman had been the bane and pleasure of his existence.

Her hands on his jeans pulled him back.

Quinn watched as she began to work his jeans open. He didn’t give her long before he took over. “Take your jeans off. I want you naked.” He dealt with his own jeans, sliding them off.

The boxer briefs that he wore did little to hide the evidence of his arousal. When he was around Kaley he was always fucking hard.

He noticed her hands were shaking as she removed her own jeans. Her body was so full and curvy. The size of her tits was a dream to him. She was a big woman. Quinn liked that a hell of a lot. She was the kind of woman who could take his hard fucking. The first time he’d have to be careful, the second time not so much. Once he’d taken her several times, he wouldn’t need to hold back.

Patience was his virtue, and he had a lot left inside him.


She’d wake up from her dream in a moment. There was no way this was happening. Kaley stared at the outline of Quinn’s cock. It was huge. She’d seen plenty of images of men’s penises. None of them looked like that. And she’d not even seen his cock properly, as he was covered by the boxer briefs he wore.

This was completely crazy, insane.

Kaley wriggled out of her jeans, leaving her panties on like Quinn had left his briefs on. She folded her arms over her breasts, trying to hide from him. Unlike a lot of women, she loved her food and hated exercise. Her figure had never been a problem to her. Standing in front of Quinn, she couldn’t help but doubt her body. He was a handsome man, and she doubted he lived like a monk. There was no way he was a virgin like her.

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