The library was half an hour from being shut for the night. Martha was helping a family become acquainted with the books and sections. Kaley stood behind the reception desk, serving anyone who came forward. When she first started working at the library, she’d been terrified about dealing with customers.

She’d always been shy. Kaley didn’t know why she was shy. It was just something she’d developed.

When her cell phone chimed, she reached into her pocket to see a message from Dorothy.

Sorry to do this to you, Kaley. Scott broke up with me. The bastard was gay. I’m not going to be around for a few days. Love you. See you soon.

Groaning, she pocketed her cell, wishing Dorothy had called her sooner. If she was broken-hearted she was going back home to her parents. There was no way Kaley would get the time off work. The last half hour went by so fast, and she didn’t have any spare time to come up with a good reason to get out of going home.

Outside of the large window she saw Quinn waiting for her. It was still light. In a few months, it would be totally dark at this time of night.

“See you tomorrow,” Martha said.

It was her day off tomorrow, but she always studied on her days off.

“See you.”

“If I don’t see you, I’ll understand why.” Martha looked toward Quinn.


There was no way anything was going on there.

“I’ll be here.” She made her way out toward Quinn. “You didn’t need to wait for me,” she said, folding her arms underneath her breasts.

“That’s not a nice way to greet me.” Quinn reached out to stroke her cheek. The action took her completely by surprise, and she simply stared back at him, shocked.

He ran his thumb along her bottom lip before he circled one hand around her waist, tugging her close.

“I missed you.”

She didn’t get time to speak as his head lowered closer to her. In the next breath, he was kissing her.

The kiss wasn’t sweet or gentle. Quinn’s kiss was demanding. His tongue ran across her bottom lip, seeking entrance. She gripped his arms, aware of the thickness of them underneath her hands. He was so strong and confident. This was what she wanted for herself yet couldn’t have.

Quinn didn’t ask for a kiss. He took it, and the experience along with his presence made for a heady combination. She opened her lips, giving him everything he wanted. Moaning, Kaley pressed her body against his. The hand at her waist moved down to her ass.

“Now, that’s exactly the way I want to be greeted from now on.” He dropped another soft kiss to her lips before taking hold of her hand.

What the hell had just happened?

She used her free hand to touch her lips. They were swollen from the passion of his kiss.

“Dorothy’s gone to spend some time with our parents. Scott really broke her heart.”

“I got the text.”

He didn’t release her hand, keeping her locked tight next to him. She didn’t want to let him go as they made their way to the apartment.

The apartment that no longer had Dorothy, his sister.

She was alone with Quinn.

Her heart started to race. The kiss played over in her mind.

“I made your favorite casserole.” Quinn took out his key as they stood outside of the door.

Once inside, Quinn took her bag from her, helping her into the apartment. The door closed and was locked, keeping the outside world out. The scent of the chicken casserole made her stomach growl. Quinn chuckled. “Come on, it should be ready.”

She followed behind him silent as he took control. Who was this man? In the last week, he’d talked to her at every opportunity, asking her advice and accommodating her every want. The man before her wasn’t asking; he was doing.

Taking a seat at the table, she watched him carry the casserole to the table. He served them both a large portion of the food.

This is what you’ve wanted. This is what you write about.

Suspicious, she looked toward her door to see it was still closed. There was no way he’d invade her privacy or read those stories. They were her stories. He wouldn’t even know that she wrote in her spare time. It wasn’t something she advertised. She began eating, conscious of his gaze on her throughout the meal. Kaley liked his eyes on her. This was the first time in her life a man had taken an interest in her.

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