“I do care.” He stopped, running a hand through his hair. “I’m not used to this, okay? I’m used to getting what I want without fucking trying.”

“Then you’ve grown sloppy. There is no price on keeping me, Rex. I just … I can’t work here, and especially not now.”

“Why not?”

“That kiss—”

He took a step toward her, silencing her. She stepped back, needing to put some distance between them.

Nora didn’t like what her body was doing to her.

“You feel it, too, don’t you?”

He kept moving forward, and she kept moving backward trying to put as much distance between them as possible. It didn’t work though. He trapped her against the wall once again. “This isn’t over, and you’re a fool to think it would be.” His hand moved beside her head. “Your nipples are rock hard, Nora. I bed your pussy is wet. I will have you, and you won’t be going anywhere. I’ll make damn sure of it.”

With that, he pulled away, and she didn’t stick around.

She walked to the elevator, proud of herself that she didn’t run from him.

Staring at her reflection, she saw that her lips were swollen from his kisses. Reaching up, she touched her lips, and shook her head. No, she wasn’t going to go there, not now, not ever.


It was time for her to move on.

Now more than ever. There was no way that her boss was going to get to her that way.

She hated Rex.

Opposites attract.

No, there was opposites, and then completely different. She was different.

It wouldn’t happen.

Not ever.

Even as she thought it, she couldn’t help but remember how good his body felt against hers. She wouldn’t be weak, or at least, she hoped she wouldn’t.


Returning to his office, Rex growled as he swiped the contents of his desk onto the floor. He was so fucking pissed off, and angry, and horny. She had turned him down! She wasn’t any better than he was, and there was no way on this earth that a woman turned him down. Now he had made a mess, and he would have to clean it all up.

She’s not just any woman. She’s a keeper.

Fuck! His cock was so damn hard right now that it was a struggle to focus. She had been perfect pressed up against him. There had been no mistaking those curves, or that luscious body that he had once mocked.

Running fingers through his hair, he gritted his teeth as revulsion at his past actions consumed him.

No. He couldn’t allow himself to think that way, or to even care. It wasn’t about that now. She was leaving, and he couldn’t allow that to happen. He didn’t want it to happen.

Spinning around in his office, the only thing that had survived on his desk was his computer.

Moving toward it, he fired it back up, and brought up her employment file. He had to know where she lived. There was no way he was taking no for an answer.

This office wasn’t the place to do to her what he wanted, and boy, did he want to create some fantastic dirty memories.

Finding her address, he scrawled it down and left the office. Heading toward his car, he had a mission on his mind, and he wasn’t about to be stopped. Entering her address into his GPS, he didn’t wait around, and because it was late, traffic wasn’t that bad.

Within the hour he was pulling up to her apartment building. It was nice, nothing too fancy though. On the salary they paid her she could have her own place. Maybe he should talk to Frank about giving her a raise.

Parking his car, he climbed out, and ran up the steps. As he found her name on the building, it had to have been his lucky day because a couple had just left. He smiled at the couple, and entered the building as they opened the door. Nothing was said, and it must have been because he looked well kept.

The security in this place wasn’t very good, and he didn’t like that. It didn’t matter where the apartment was. As far as he was concerned, every single place was at risk of being broken into. He’d read the statistics on break-ins. Anyone could be affected by that. The thought of Nora all alone while someone was ransacking her place didn’t sit well with him.

Rushing upstairs, he went to her floor, and found her door. Without waiting, he knocked.

She had gotten a good ten minutes on him, maybe a little longer.

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