“You’ve got that look in your eye.”

“What look would that be?”

“You’ve got dirty thoughts.”

“When it comes to you, they don’t fucking stop. Drop the towel.”

“You like giving orders.” She stared at him without dropping the towel.

“I’m the one that is in charge here, babe.”

“Then why don’t you come and drop the towel how you want it?” she asked.

Xavier climbed off the bed, and with a few quick strides, stood right in front of her. “Do you really think you can test me?” he asked. “I always get what I want.”

“And what do you want, Xavier?”

“You, completely naked, and ready to take my dick.” He looked down at her fuller body, and released a moan. “Now that is what I call temptation. I can’t pick my favorite part of you. I love your ass, your pussy, and your tits.” He pressed them together, and leaned down to flick the tips. Sucking them in deep, he moaned as she moved toward him. Slipping a hand between her thighs, he found her arousal. “So wet.”

“Please, Xavier.”


“What do you want?” he asked.

“I need you to make me come.”

“You want me to make you come?”


“Then ask me, Anya. Tell me what you want, and I’ll give it to you.”

“Please, Xavier, let me come.”

“I will, baby. You asked so damn nicely. Now tell me, with my tongue, my fingers, or my dick?”

She whimpered. “Your tongue, and then your dick.”

“I will, baby. First, I want you on your knees.” He pressed down on her shoulders, and watched as she went to her knees. She wrapped her fingers around his length, and started to work the tip up and down.

He released a growl. Watching her was a turn-on for him. “Open your mouth, baby.” She opened her lips, and he placed the tip of his leaking cock to her lips, covering her with his cum. “Lick it off.”

She ran her tongue along her lips, with the tip touching the head of his cock.

“Open your mouth, and push your tongue out.” She did as he said. Xavier gripped the base of his cock, and placed the head on her tongue, moving down into her mouth. “Suck it.”

Her lips closed around his length, and he started to thrust into her mouth. Wrapping her red hair around his fist, he started to pump into her mouth. When he hit the back of her throat, he paused, giving her time to get used to the feel of him.

“Your mouth is fucking perfect.” He released his cock, and stroked her cheek, watching as she sucked him hard.

This time when she took him in deep he didn’t stop. He went a little deeper. Even as her eyes grew wide, he slid inside her mouth, feeling her swallow him.

“Fuck, baby.” He pulled out of her mouth when he couldn’t stand anymore. Alternating between shallow and deep thrusts, he fucked her face. Anya gripped his ass, holding on tight. Her nails sank into the flesh as he rode her face.

The pleasure, it built until he was at the pinnacle with no return. He shouted out a warning, making sure she wanted to do what he had fantasized. Anya didn’t push him away. She held him tightly.

“Don’t swallow. No yet. I want to see it,” he said.

A second later, he unloaded into her beautiful mouth, spilling every last drop of cum. She didn’t swallow, and he pulled his cock from her mouth.

“Show me.”

She opened her mouth, and there was his cum.

“Swallow it.”

Anya swallowed his cum, and Xavier fucking loved it. Wrapping his arms around her, he pulled her up, and placed her on the bed. Placing a pillow beneath her ass, he spread open her thighs, and fingered her wet slit. Inhaling her scent, he flicked his tongue, sucking her clit into his mouth. She cried out, her hand moving between them about to stroke her own clit. He slapped her hand away. “This is mine,” he said. “Hold onto the headboard.”

She reached up, and gripped the headboard.

Sliding two fingers inside her pussy, he sucked on her clit. Stretching the walls of her cunt, he bit down on her nub, listening as she screamed his name. With the pillow beneath her and her legs wide open, he had the perfect angle to touch her ass. Removing his fingers from her pussy, he stroked over her anus. She tensed up.