“She’s the first one of many. You’ve not lived like a monk.”

“Neither have you.”

“I don’t have men coming to work to claim me, Xavier.”

“If they did, I wouldn’t walk away,” he said. “I’d stay by your side, letting them know exactly who you belong to.” He advanced into the room. Standing in front of her, he sank his fingers into her hair, gripping the back of her neck. Pulling her close, he slammed his lips down on hers, and they both moaned. The hands on his chest started to push him away. He fought her until she ran them up, sinking into his hair. With his other hand, he cupped her ass, kneading the flesh. He’d been inside her this morning, and it still wasn’t enough. He needed her again. Picking her up, he placed her on top of the copier, and tore at her panties until they snapped.

“What if someone comes?” she asked.

“Oh, there will be people coming. Both of us.” He spread her open, feeling her wetness. Groaning, he pulled his cock out of the open zipper, found her entrance, and slid home.

He covered her mouth to soften the sounds. “We don’t want anyone to hear.”

Her eyes grew wide, and her pussy spilled more of her cum over his dick. She was so responsive, so wild. He just knew that none of her wildness had ever been explored. His Anya was the one that had always been overlooked.

Pulling out of her pussy, he slid back inside, thrusting hard.

“When I get you home tonight, I want you on your knees, ready to take my dick.” He pounded inside her, getting her more aroused about what he had planned for when they got home. “When you’ve taken my cum in your mouth, and I’ve seen it there before you swallow it down, I’m going to lick your pussy, get you ready for another wave of cum.”

She met his thrusts, wrapping her legs around his waist as he fucked her hard, taking what he wanted. He paused in his thrusts, reaching between them to flick her clit.


Xavier wasn’t about to find his release before she did. She was going to come, come hard, and he was going to enjoy it.

“You like this, don’t you? The risks, the chance of getting caught. I don’t care if someone walks in. I hope it’s a guy. That way they will know that you belong to me, and no one has a chance with you. Your body is mine.”

You want her heart.

Xavier gritted his teeth, trying to cut off the yearning that had started from the first moment he thrust inside her.

Anya came, spilling her cream all over his cock. When the orgasm started to subside, he thrust inside her, going deep, claiming her as his own.

He pressed his face into her neck to stop himself from crying out. The pleasure of her body made it even harder for him to leave her alone. She was fucking heaven.

Spilling his cum inside her, he pressed a final kiss to her lips.

This wasn’t going to end with one child, or even with two. Anya had always been a dream to him, a pleasure that he never thought he’d find in a woman.

“Becky is gone,” he said. “Every single woman that came before means nothing to me. All there is, is you.”

Chapter Seven

“Please tell me he’s a meat eater?” her mother, Emma, asked.

“Yes, Xavier likes meat.” Anya sat outside of the office building, eating a sandwich. Xavier was on a very important conference call. She made sure he had some lunch, and decided to eat hers outside on one of the walls, watching the hustle and bustle of the city life go by.

“Good, good. I have no problem with people being vegetarian, or whatever they want to call it. Just not for me. A meal is not a meal without some meat.”

“There are a lot of people who will disagree. I like vegetarian food. You should make the lasagna. Amazing.”

She heard her mother’s scoff. “Can you imagine me feeding Harold a vegetarian lasagna?”

“Nope. Dad wouldn’t talk to you for weeks.”

“Now that you say that, I may just make it for him.”

Anya started laughing. Her mother and father loved each other very much. “How much does he know of … my arrangement?”

“He knows everything, sweetie. You know I don’t keep things like that from your father.”

Anya groaned. “That’s not good.”