She placed her hands on the bed, and he spread her ass, admiring the thong nestled between her ass cheeks.

“You ever been fucked in the ass?”


“Oh, then I’m going to have to take that cherry. There’s no way I’m leaving that tight little hole alone.”

She moaned, wriggling against him. Moving his finger down the material, he plunged inside her cunt, feeling how wet she was.

“You surprise me with how much you like dirty,” he said, nibbling her neck.

“I didn’t know.”

“Are you going to try and be a prim and proper little thing? Pretend you don’t like this? Fight me?”


“You’re not?” he asked.

“I want this, and I’m not going to ruin it by pretending that I don’t.”


He wouldn’t give her the chance. “Good.”

Drawing his finger up to her clit, he stroked her nub, watching the pleasure dance across her eyes. He kissed the base of her back, alternating between thrusting inside her pussy, and fingering her clit. His hand was soaked with her cream, and it wasn’t enough. He wanted to see her.

Pulling away, he tore the thong off her body with the promise that he was going to buy her so many more. Flipping her over onto her back, he got a good look at her.

Huge tits, nice soft rounded curves, a cute fuckable ass—which he couldn’t see now but he wanted—full hips, and he knew she was going to look amazing carrying his kid. Her stomach swollen—it made his dick so damn hard thinking about it. Gripping her hips, he ran his hand down her thighs to her knees, and spread her open. Her pussy was covered in a fine dusting of hair. She was puffy, and the lips had opened a little, showing him her swollen clit and the entrance to her cunt.

“Baby, you’ve got a nice pussy. Open it up for me, let me see.”

Even though her cheeks turned red, she still reached down, spreading her lips open, showing him her pussy. He slid a finger through her slit, watching as he did. Circling her clit, he moved down, and plunged inside her, all the way to the knuckle. She let out a moan, and he did the same this time with a second finger. He started to stretch her out. His cock wasn’t small, and when he finally took her, he wanted her to want it, not to be screaming about it.

“Feels so good.”

He couldn’t look away as he worked her pussy open, sliding inside her, the walls of her cunt gripping his fingers.

“You’re so tight. Do you know I’ve wondered about this? Thought about how tight you could be, spread open for me. This is so much fucking better than thinking about it.”

She thrust up to meet his fingers, and he just wanted to dive in and fuck her, take her so damn hard. First, he wanted her to come, to get her nice and slick ready to take his dick. Only when he was satisfied with how wet she was would he actually give her what he’d been wanting to.

“I need you, please.”

Sinking to his knees, he sucked on her clit, biting down, and then sucking it deep before flicking it with his tongue. She arched up off the bed, and with his other hand, he pressed her down. She was going to come all over his face.

“Oh God, that feels so good. Please, please, please.”

Thrusting inside her, he flicked her clit, feeling the tightness of her cunt wrap around his fingers, begging for him to stop, and then not to stop.

She was so fucking beautiful, and her body was a dream.

Anya screamed as she came, her cunt gripping his fingers like a vise, and she softened with her orgasm.

Only when she was shaking, and he’d worked every single tremor from her orgasm did he stand up. Removing his pants, he was careful over the ridge of his cock, not wanting to trap that monster away.

Anya went to her elbows and started to move back as he crawled toward her. She wasn’t running away, and besides he liked the chase.

“Spread your legs open.”

She submitted to him, and opened her thighs. The scent of her arousal in the air was heady, and he wanted her. Damn, he was so fucking desperate. He wanted inside her, filling her with his spunk.

Anything prim and proper had left him long ago. Right now he wanted to fuck his PA, and make her scream his name loudly.

When he was between her spread thighs, he leaned back, and ran his hand over the length of his shaft.