Anya looked out of the door to see his pregnant PA.

“Then I get your file and discover that Anya Miller is more than qualified to have the exact same position. Tell me, Anya, did you know who I was?”

“No. If I did, I wouldn’t have gone into great detail about what the company did. I don’t believe in wasting my time.”

“Then why did you?”

She took a deep breath. “You were dressed in a suit, and this company is known for investing in other companies that have a mutually beneficial path for the future. I thought you were perhaps a client. Besides, civility goes a long way in this day and age.”

Anya pulled out of the memory. It had been over four and a half years that she did that. Once his PA went onto maternity leave, Anya was once again called into the office, and forced into the job.

There was no choice on her part. She either accepted it, or didn’t. In the beginning she’d had to take a lot of stick from fellow colleagues who didn’t think she deserved the role. Some thought she was sleeping with the boss. Others didn’t believe it. Xavier was known for screwing models, beautiful women all over the world, and the last time Anya looked in the mirror she didn’t even compare to them.

Over time she’d proved herself to everyone, even herself.

“Was there anything else?” she asked.

“Sit, sit.”

Taking a seat she smoothed out her skirt and looked over at him.


“How are you liking your job?” he asked.

“I enjoy it very much. I’ve been working for you for over four years.”

“Then call me by my real name.”

She rolled her eyes. “Xavier.”

“Whoop, whoop, how hard was that?”

“You know you’re very confusing, right?” She stared across at her boss, always finding this side of him … interesting. For the most part he was serious, always barking out orders, telling her what to do. Then on rare occasions she’d see this playful side of him, which she found hard to handle. The guy had multiple personalities. In all the time she had known him, he’d never shown this side of him to anyone else.

“Always be one step ahead of your enemy.”

“Your clients?”

“And the women who think they can come in and tame you. That’s not the case, and that will never be the case.”


Xavier didn’t have any family, nor did he have any close relatives. He was the guy that had pulled himself out of the gutter, and worked until he owned a billion-dollar corporation, and of course earned the reputation of being a bastard boss.

“You’ll not be settling down soon? Starting a family?” Anya asked. He was forty this year. She didn’t know if men had the same feelings of broodiness that women did.

“One day. So, what about you, Anya? Settling down? Starting a family? Leaving me to find another person to replace you?”

“I didn’t even ask for this job. No on all fronts. No one to replace me. I’m happy in my job.”

Xavier laughed. “You may not have chosen it, but you’re damn good at what you do.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“You should. I don’t give them out often.”

She chuckled. Glancing at the watch on her wrist, a present last Christmas, she saw he had an appointment in fifteen minutes.

“I better get started. Becky will be the talk of the office today.” She got out of her chair and headed toward the door.

“Makes a change from being about us,” he said.

She froze, turning back to look at him. “Sorry?”

“You don’t think I know what is going on in the office? What they talk about?”

“It’s just a rumor. I’ve not done anything about it. Would you like me to?” she asked.

He shook his head. “Are you seeing anyone?”

Anya frowned. “No. Why?”

“Just curious. Getting to know my staff. When was the last time you went on a date?”

Xavier Leigh had always been unconventional. His questions were always a little personal, but she found he was that way with everyone. Always prying, always getting to know someone.

“A little over a year ago.”

It had been a blind date set up by her mother. Of course, it was a total disaster. When it came to dates she struggled. Shyness was a huge problem. Working for Xavier was her hope to combat that shyness. Working at the reception, she’d spent a great deal of time shaking. Of course, that had changed once she worked for him, and had no choice but to follow his orders.