He chuckled. “Fun? That’s a hell of an understatement. That wasn’t just a blowjob, that was…something else. Something far more.”

“You liked it, then?”

“Liked it?” He stared at me. “Kyrie…you totally blew my mind. I didn’t know I could feel that way, or come that hard.”

I shivered with pleasure. “Good. That was what I wanted to do. I can’t guarantee it’ll be like that every time I blow you, though.”

“Every time?”

I nodded. “Yeah. I mean…there will be a next time, right?”

He didn’t answer right away. “That’s up to you. I’ll take what I want from you, when I want.” His gaze went hot, hooked on mine. “I’ll wake up in the middle of the night with my c**k inside you. I’ll take you up against the wall in the garage, and on every one of my cars. I’ll take you on the island in my kitchen and on my desk in my office, and in the bathroom at a concert with your dress up around your hips and your heels around my waist. But what I won’t take from you is o**l s*x. I’ll leave that for you to give.”

“I’m on board with that,” I said, finishing my second beer and accepting a third.

He smiled. “Good.” He lifted an eyebrow. “Which part, though?”

I shrugged. “All of it. The sex everywhere, especially. I’ve never made love anywhere but in a bed. Well, that’s not true. In a car once, and it was awkward and uncomfortable. So just know that you can take me anywhere, anytime, just…not in front of people. I’m not an exhibitionist.”

Roth frowned at me in surprise. “And I am?”


I laughed. “No, obviously not. I’m just…clarifying.”

“No worries on that score, Kyrie. I might f**k you in a public place, but never in such a way that you’d be embarrassed. Just enough to make it…risky, and thus all the more exciting.”

The subtext of this conversation wasn’t lost on me. We were discussing, via our plans for sexual conquest, a future relationship. I wasn’t sure what that would entail emotionally, for me or for him, but it was still an exciting prospect. I’d take what I could get from Roth, for as long as he’d give it to me. We were still on our first full night of sex together, and it was already life-alteringly fantastic, out-of-this-world incredible.

“Change of subject,” Roth said. “How about a movie?”

“Naked movie time?” I suggested.

He laughed. “As if I’d let you put on clothes?”

I stood up. “Let’s go, then!”

He shook his head. “Get back here.” He set the plate and fork on a bedside table, then pulled out an electronic tablet.

He tapped the screen to wake it up, and then touched a series of buttons. A screen rolled down on the wall opposite his bed, hidden in a recess in the ceiling. I glanced up and saw that the projector was also hidden, the only hint of it a small screen angling down from the ceiling. Roth touched another button, and the tablet’s screen switched to show a Netflix account, and he quickly typed in a movie title, selected it, and set it to play. By the time he’d finished this, the projector was warmed up, and within seconds the movie began. He’d picked a romantic comedy, something fun and light. I propped the pillows up against the headboard and settled in to watch. Roth left the room without explanation while the opening credits rolled, returning a few moments later with another six-pack. I was already a little tipsy, but I took a fourth beer and drank it slowly, cuddling in with Roth as the movie started.

Halfway through the movie, I felt myself drifting, dizzy, warm, and happy, and sleepy and pleasantly drunk. Roth took my empty bottle from me, set it aside, and scooted down on the bed, holding me against his chest.

“I should’ve warned you I almost never finish movies,” I mumbled. “I always fall asleep.”

“It’s fine,” he said. “That’s why I put it on. Just relax.”

“But…naked movie time.” I wasn’t making sense, falling under the spell of sleep.

He laughed, a rumbling chuckle I felt more than heard. “Expect to be woken up bright and early, then.”

“Oh, goody. Cock-a-doodle-doo.”

“Are you drunk?” He sounded amused.

I nodded sloppily. “I’m kind of a lightweight.”

“Good to know.”

“Get me drunk while I’m awake next time. I get crazy horny when I’m wasted. Especially if you give me tequila. One tequila, two tequila, three tequila floor, except naked. Tequila makes her clothes fall off….” I fumbled at the towel around his waist, slipped my hand under the edge, found his warm skin. “Lookie what I found.”

He pulled my hand away, placed it on his chest. “You are ridiculous.”

I nodded, and felt the heady mixture of tipsiness, sleepiness, and Roth’s hard body and clean scent pulling me under. I went willingly.

My last thought, before I slept, was, I could fall in love with this man. I hoped I hadn’t said it out loud, but it was true.



When I woke up, Roth was curled around me, spooning me. His arm was slung over my waist, his hand splayed against my belly, low, almost touching my pu**y. He’d shed his towel, so he was naked behind me. One of his thighs was wedged between mine, his “extra arm” shoved against my back.

A girl could get used to this.

I dozed in the warm, drowsy place of not-quite sleep, enjoying—loving—the feel of his huge, hard body behind mine, sheltering me, heating me. His breath was on the back of my neck, whooshing in and out rhythmically, his chest swelling with each breath to brush my spine.



I’d never thought I could feel this, not this way. Not this potently. I didn’t want this to ever end. I didn’t want this moment—Roth sleeping behind me, no problems or worries or expectations or games or problematic emotions or demands—to stop.

It did, eventually. In the best way possible, though. I was awake with my eyes closed, just soaking up the perfection of the experience, when I felt his c**k harden. His breathing never shifted, so I figured it was just morning wood making its presence known. But for all that, I loved the way it felt, thickening against my back. I shifted upward, letting his erection nestle between the cheeks of my ass. I didn’t move or grind, just let it rest there, filling that space, pushing through the awareness that soon this big, hot, iron-hard yet silk-soft organ would be inside me. I relished that knowledge, let the desire for it well up within me.