That was all I needed to hear. With a deep breath, I dove in. I came up spluttering. “A bit?” I screeched. “It’s f-f-f-freezing, you l-lunatic!”

He only laughed. “It’s the Atlantic Ocean, Kyrie, what’d you expect? Bathwater?” He did a br**ststroke, pulling easily toward me. “Come here, you.”

I let him wrap his arms around me, feeling the hot, hard rod of his erection between our bodies. My arms went around his neck, my legs around his waist, and he flipped so he was floating on his back, spine arched to float, one hand caressing the length of my body, the other moving us through the water, legs kicking with powerful strokes.

“I’m not gonna drown you like this, am I?”

He gripped my ass in one kneading hand. “No way, love. You’re light as a feather.”

I shifted my hips, his erection nudging at my thigh. “You’re sure?”

He only smirked. “I’ve got you. No worries.”

“You’ve got me, huh?”

His gaze went serious. “Don’t I, though?”

A roll of my hips, and he’d be inside me. “Yeah. You do.” I kept still, at great effort.

Roth brought us around the boat, circling widely, kicking us through the frigid Atlantic water with easy grace. Eventually I rolled off him, and we swam beside each other. He was the first to make for the boat, and I followed him, shivering. He held on to the ladder at the stern of the boat and pushed rather unnecessarily at my butt to help me up. Scrambling up after me, he led me down into the cabin, wrapped a thick white towel around my shoulders, and rubbed me dry with it. I stood and let him dry me, then tucked the towel in place under my arms and used a clean towel to dry him. Roth was still hard, flinching slightly when I dried him there.


Locking my eyes on his, I ran a finger up his length. “This looks painful.”

“A bit.”

“You should let me take care of it for you.”


“Just no?” I wrapped my fingers around him, but he caught my wrist and pulled my hand away.

“Just no.” He leaned in and kissed me, moving out of my reach. “I’ll let you do that as much as you wish…later. For now, I want to wait. I want to be inside you when I come next. If you touch me now, I’ll lose all control. I’ll throw you onto that bed there and be inside you before you could blink twice. And Kyrie, I made you a promise. I always keep my promises.”

“Then you better put some clothes on, because if you keep flaunting that big beautiful c**k in front of me, I can’t be held responsible for what I do to it.”

“I’m not flaunting. I can’t help getting hard just looking at you.” He wrapped his towel around his waist, the front tented.

“Just by looking, huh?”

He shrugged. “There’s no such thing as just looking, Kyrie. Not with you. Not when I’ve got you naked. Even fully dressed, one look is all it takes. I see those lush tits of yours, barely hidden by the dress, and I fantasize about squeezing them together and f**king them.” His voice goes deep, growling and rasping. “I see that sweet round ass of yours moving under your dress, and I think of burying my c**k into it. I watch your mouth move as you talk, and I think about your lips wrapping around me, taking me down your throat. So, no. Not just by looking. I take one look at you, and I think about all the things I’m going to do to you.”

I had to shut my eyes and clench my fists to keep from jumping him right then and there. “You need to either shut the f**k up or do some of that right now.”

He growled, closing the inches left between us. “Yeah? Why? Are you wet, Kyrie? Is your tight little pu**y dripping for me? Aching for me?”

I backed away, clutching the towel at my chest. “Yes. Now quit teasing me.”

He followed, catching my waist with one hand and pulling me flush against him. “I’m not teasing, love. Oh, no. I’ll make good on everything I say. But I want you crazy for me. I want you mad with need. I want you ready to explode from one touch.”

I couldn’t help grinding against him. “I already am.”

“Oh, love. You have no idea. I’m going to spend every moment from now until I have you in my bed making you crazier and crazier. You think you’re wet and aching now? Just you wait. I’ll have you soaked before I’m through.”

He crushed me against the wall, head bent to fit into the low cabin, his erection pressing through his towel and mine into my core, so close yet so far. I clawed at his shoulder and writhed against him, feeling just a hint of the friction I needed, feeling the round hardness of his c**k and the soft fabric of the towels and the wetness of my desire spreading through me.

Roth’s hands slid under my ass, clutched my thighs, and lifted me. My towel hiked up, baring me to him, and I wrapped my legs around his waist, my head bumping on the ceiling. It was an uncomfortable, impossible position, but I didn’t care. If he’d just shift, just slightly, he’d be where I needed him. The edges of his towel parted, and I wriggled my hips and my legs, feeling his hot hard c**k against my inner thigh, shifting to get it closer, desperate, at that point, to take what I wanted whether he was willing to give it or not. He bit my skin at the hollow of my shoulder, grinding his hips up, sliding the thick soft tip against my opening, crushing in to rub along my clit.

I gasped, clinging to him, wrapped around him, waiting, tensed, needing, hoping. A stroke, another, the pressure and heat of climax building inside me, and then, moments from exploding, he let me down and backed away, both of our towels falling into place, leaving me gasping and aching.

“You’re a bastard,” I growled at him.

He grinned. “I know.” He backed away another step, toward the steps leading to the deck. “Come on, let’s get dressed and head back.” I had my bra and underwear on when Roth’s voice stopped me. “Leave the dress off. Sunbathe. Give me something sexy to look at while I sail us back in.” He tossed me a tube of sunscreen, grinning at me.

I let Roth smear the sunscreen on my skin—including few places that probably didn’t technically need it—and then spread my towel on the deck by the bow and lay on my stomach, unhooking my bra. The hot sun and the relentless wind and the roll of the boat on the waves worked together to lull me to sleep, and I didn’t wake up until Roth called my name. I rolled to my back and sat up, holding my unhooked bra to my chest, blinking blearily at him.