The Cooch hit rewind and showed it to me all over again with a devilish smirk on her face.

He pulled out of me and flipped me over onto my stomach, his hand pressing down on the center of my lower back while the fingers of his other hand dipped inside me and curled in and out. Then he pulled them free, sliding the slick evidence of my orgasm through the valley that extended to my ass, entering and coating my other opening with the natural lubrication my own body secreted.

I was one hundred percent game, but I was also still very much in character. I shot death glares at him from over my shoulder and sneered, “Don’t you fucking dare!” The shameless shift of my hips toward him was a complete contradiction to my words, so he knew what I really wanted.

“I told you, Delaine. I own every inch of your body, and I will have what I want,” he said as he moved his fingers in and out of the forbidden entrance. “And what I want right now”—he leaned forward until his lips were once again at my ear—“is to fuck this tight ass.”

His voice softened a bit and he kissed my cheek. “Are you ready, kitten?” No amount of role play in the world would prevent him from making sure I was okay. My comfort level was always most important to him.

I nodded and arched my back, offering up what we both wanted.

“Good girl.” Slipping back into character, Noah rose back into his previous position and sank to one knee behind me while propping the other on the couch.

I felt the pressure of the head of his cock at my entrance and then he was inside me, pushing ever so carefully as he sheathed himself and moaned at the pleasure. Noah and I had done this many times since our first, usually only on special occasions, so it wasn’t nearly as painful as it had been the first time. In fact, it was really quite pleasurable.

I lifted myself up on one elbow and pushed back into him, but the pressure of his hand on my back stopped me from going any further. “Easy, woman. Always so eager.” I could hear the smirk in his voice, and his insistence of treating me like a fragile piece of china was grating on my nerves.

“Are you going to fuck me, or are we going to stay here all day like two dogs knotted up?”

His hand came down hard on my ass with a loud smack and a tinge of pain. If he hadn’t been holding me in place, it could have been disastrous, considering the precarious position we were in.


“That was a warning, Delaine. Now hold still or I might decide not to be so easy with you.”

I turned my face into the armrest of the couch to hide my grin, because yeah, that was hot as sin.

Going back to his business, Noah spread the cheeks of my ass and I imagined the look of concentration that must have been on his face as he ogled the sight, trying for all his worth not to let his control slip. He pulled back a little bit only to roll his hips forward a fraction further than where he had been before. His groans and my moans intermingled in the air between us and had a little make-out party of their own. He repeated the movements until the muscles in my body, rigid at first, relaxed, giving him the cue he was waiting for before moving more freely.

“Goddamnit, that feels so good.” His voice was breathless, tightly controlled, as he moved in and out of my ass.

With one hand on my hip and the other slipping around to manipulate my clit, his pace quickened. Deep, throaty grunts echoed throughout the room and his thrusts became more insistent. The sound of skin slapping skin joined in on the party, making an orgy out of our sexcapade, even though we were the only two invited. I was moaning and keening like a seasoned porn star, and the Cooch was getting it all on tape.

“Right there, kitten,” he groaned when he found an angle that was preferable.

But I was on the edge again, and even though I’d already come once, it just wasn’t right for him to dangle the proverbial carrot in front of my face without letting me have a little nip of it. “Don’t you dare stop,” I said, and Noah kept going, pinching my clit between his fingers even as the telltale moans of his impending orgasm built in his chest.

“Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Don’t … stop …,” I called out as I came yet again.

I should have known he wouldn’t leave me hanging. That was not Noah Crawford’s style at all. He always satisfied.

I hadn’t even reached the peak of my orgasm before the rumble that had been percolating to the surface within Noah’s chest reached its boiling point, forced its way up his throat, and exploded from his lips in a string of profanities. His thrusts were uneven, jerky, and insistent as he held me immobile and used my body to milk himself dry of his semen.

My body, numb and devoid of energy, collapsed onto the couch. I struggled to catch my breath. Every muscle coiled in preparation when I felt Noah’s movement behind me and I knew he was about to pull out, which I never found to be all that pleasant. He made fast work of it, though, and then his body was covering mine. Always the attentive lover, he showered every inch of skin within the vicinity of his lips with chaste kisses.

“I really fucking love you,” Noah said between gulps of air. “I’m so glad I didn’t bail out on that auction and leave you to Jabba the Hutt.”

I giggled and smacked at his bare thigh. He laughed at my halfhearted attempt.

“You were worth every penny I spent for you and more. Happy anniversary, Delaine.”

“Yeah, right back atcha,” I managed to say playfully between labored breaths.

Double Agent Coochie and the rest of her filming crew—the Assterpiece, Ridonkabutt, and the Wonder Peen—gave us a standing ovation. No, the film wasn’t real, but what Noah and I had just done was yet another memory reel to add to the collection that made up our lives together. I was lucky enough to be able to cue them up for instant replay anytime I wanted, and I did so often.

What started out as a woman’s desperate attempt to save her dying mother had turned into a love story for the ages. Hollywood wasn’t likely to buy the rights to our story, and we would never find our names in lights, but we were a smash hit in our own world. And that was all that mattered.

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