I pushed forward again, watching the head of my dick disappear as she stretched to take me in. My eyes rolled to the back of my head when I felt the pearls shimmy along my shaft. If the sound Lanie made at the same time was any indication, I’d say it was as good for her as it was for me. Knowing that, I couldn’t stop my hips from surging forward as I buried my entire length inside her. She squeezed my ass in her hands, holding me there while she undulated beneath me, rubbing her clit against my groin.

I encouraged her, wanted her to do what came naturally, because that was what got me off. “That’s it, kitten. Do what feels good to you. Use my body for your pleasure.”

“You’re so thick, so hard,” she moaned. “I love the way your cock feels inside me. And those pearls …” She growled the last word, her eyes closing in total bliss.

Fucking A. My million-dollar baby had turned pro on me.

I pulled back and slammed back into her. “Like that?”

She dug her nails into the cheeks of my ass. “God, yes! Faster.”

Moving inside her with five quick thrusts, I gave her what she wanted, and then I stilled, completely sheathed. I rotated my hips to give her the friction she needed against her clit. Plus it did some pretty amazing things to my cock when those pearls rolled around like that.

She moaned. “Oh, Christ … just like that. Don’t stop.”

I pulled back and rolled my body, pushing back into her over and over again. I managed to find a steady pace that was neither too fast nor too slow. She rocked against me, meeting each push and pull of my hips with her own. The pearls worked me, she worked me. The way her hands gripped my ass and her walls tightened around me as I moved back and forth inside her was indescribable.

“Noah, I’m going to—”

“Do it,” I moaned, still moving inside her. “Let me feel that pussy squeezing my dick.” My cock grew impossibly harder with each thrust, my own orgasm building and building until I thought my balls were going to explode.


“Right there, kitten. Right there,” she keened, and then I felt the familiar pulsing of her walls around my cock as she cried out my name with her orgasm.

I quickened my pace, thrusting harder, deeper, helping her to achieve every single plateau of her climax. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She was beautiful in the soft glow of the fire. A light sheen of sweat coated her creamy flesh, her lips were bee-stung and cherry red, and her eyes were closed with their thick lashes caressing the soft skin beneath as she let it take over and carry her away.

“I’m the luckiest man in the world,” I whispered, and then I leaned forward to taste those luscious lips.

Once, twice, three times I nipped at her mouth. My cock slid in and out of her, the pearls rolling along my length. Her breasts pressed against my chest, her lips licked at mine, her fingers clung to my ass. It was too much.

“You feel so good, Lanie. I can’t hold on much longer,” I warned her. “I’m going to come all over that beautiful pussy of yours.”

Lanie shook her head and then looked me in the eye. “You’ve denied me too many times. I won’t let you deny me again. Come in my mouth, Noah. I want to taste you.”

“Shit … I don’t know if I can hold out … feels … so good,” I warned, doing my best not to come.

“Give it to me, Noah. Fuck my mouth,” she demanded.

I pulled out of her, reluctantly, but like I’d said so many times before, I wouldn’t deny her anything she wanted. She may have started out as my sex slave, but I had become hers.

I made quick work of removing the pearls and then straddled her chest, my cock bobbing and soaked in her juices when I brought it to her mouth. Running the tip across her lips, I coated them in her own come. “Taste me, Delaine. See what my cock tastes like with your juices all over it.”

She opened her mouth and I pushed my cock inside. Her lips closed around my girth and she hummed in appreciation, savoring our joint flavors. I held the back of her head and thrust my dick in and out of her mouth.

“Do we taste good, Lanie? Do you like the way you taste on my cock?”

She answered with a moan and then grabbed my ass, pulling me deeper inside her mouth. I could feel the back of her throat pressed against the head of my dick, and she swallowed, constricting my cock. That was all I could take.

“Fuck, kitten! Fuck, fuck, fuck!” I called out as I pushed even deeper still and my cock pulsed with each spurt of come that shot down the back of her throat. With each gulp she took, I could feel more constriction. She slowly bobbed her head back and forth, milking me until I went flaccid in her mouth.

“Goddamn, woman, that’s enough,” I chuckled, forcing her to let go of my dick. “You keep that up and I’ll be hard all over again.”

“And what’s so bad about that?” she asked.

Swear to God, I fucking loved her.

I dismounted her chest and lay next to her, pulling her body over mine like a blanket so she could rest her head on my chest. Her left hand was on my stomach and I looked down at it. The stones of my mother’s engagement ring caught the light of the fire and reflected a rainbow of colors. It had finally found a home.

I had finally found a home. Which reminded me …

“So you never did say,” I started. “Do you like the house?”

Lanie lifted her head and looked at me. A slow smile crept across her face. “You know I do.”

Yeah, I did.

“But I’m just not sure how all this is going to work,” she continued, drawing patterns on my chest. “How what is going to work?”

“Well, you have the house in Oak Brook and now we have the cottage as well. Where exactly do you plan for us to live?”

“Yeah, about that,” I started, suddenly feeling like an ass for not having discussed any of this with her beforehand. In my defense, I had planned to talk to her about it after showing her the house, but then one thing led to another and … well, there we were. “You know how David is signing over his half of the company to me?”

“Yes …”

“Well, Mason has been so loyal to me over the years, and knows the ins and outs of the company so well, that I thought I’d make him my partner.”

“Noah, that’s wonderful!” she said, her eyes alight with joy. “Polly is going to absolutely flip her shit!”

I laughed, knowing she in fact would.

“Wait a minute, though,” she said, settling back down. “What does that have to do with where we’re going to live?”

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