“That’s it. Right there,” he said as he rotated his hips against my ass, causing another moan to spill from my lips. “You like that?”

“God, yes.” I could feel his cock swirling inside me, pushing against my walls, and I arched my back even more to give him better access. “I can feel you … your cock feels so … unngh.”

“Yeah, I like that, too,” he said as he pulled back a little and pushed back into me.

He made short, quick thrusts, each one more glorious than the last. Everything inside my body bunched up. It was on high alert, threatening to explode with the glorious pleasure only he could give me.

“Harder, Noah. Fuck me harder,” I said to spur him on.

He did just that. One hand wound itself in my hair and he pulled back on it, forcing me to lift my head while he fucked me like a madman. Long, hard, fast strokes brought his groin against my ass. Skin slapped against skin as his fingertips dug into my hip. My chest constricted, my abdomen coiled, my clit throbbed, my teeth clenched, and my fingers gripped the edge of the tub until my knuckles were white.

And then everything let loose all at once and I cried out with an orgasm that rocked my very foundation.

“Noah … ohhh … Noah,” I moaned as my heart hammered in my chest.

“I know, kitten,” he grunted, still thrusting ferociously from behind me. “Right there. I’m going to come. I’m going to …” He let out a growl as his hips slammed against my backside and he held them there for just a second or two before continuing his assault again with sporadic and irregular thrusts.

And then finally he stilled. It was like the calm after the storm clouds pushed away to reveal the sun once more. Blissful, peaceful. Contented.

His body slumped as he pulled from me, his forehead pressed against my back. “Woman … you’re going to be … the death … of me,” he panted.


Him? I was pretty sure I was in danger of suffering a massive heart attack, judging by the way my heart was trying to burst out of my chest. But boy, what a way to go. It ranked right up there with cockstrangulation.

Noah refused to let me go to Foreplay to meet Dez alone; I refused to let him go anywhere near the club and jeopardize the plan. I also turned down his suggestion that Mason or Samuel accompany me. However, I managed to get him to consent to my taking Polly instead.

I was pretty sure it was because of her mad driving skills. And by mad, I mean the chick was nuts behind the wheel of a car, and we’d be lucky to make it there in one piece. But, according to him, Polly was a force to be reckoned with when push came to shove. Maybe that was because she was pacing back and forth, throwing air punches in the general direction of all the internal organs in a man the height of David Stone. She was amazingly accurate, reeling off the name of each one as her fist found where it would be. It scared me just a little.

So there we were, parked across the street from Foreplay in the dark, waiting for Dez to call with the all-clear. The building looked deserted and lifeless, as far as I could tell. The parking lot was just about empty, and the neon sign had long been extinguished.

Polly was decked out all in black, including a pair of black combat boots. What the hell she was doing with combat boots in her wardrobe was a complete mystery to me. The thought crossed my mind that this might not have been the first secret mission she had been a party to, not that it would surprise me.

“Is your phone even on?” she asked for the cajillionth time.

“Yes, Polly, it’s on.”

Her leg bounced up and down like she’d had way too many cups of coffee. Also, I noticed she’d developed a serious case of shifty eyes. I swear, you would’ve thought we were casing the joint to rob it, knowing full well a whole SWAT team was waiting in the bushes.

“Check again,” she said, because apparently she thought I was an idiot who didn’t know how to work a stupid cell phone.

I rolled my eyes with an annoyed sigh and looked down at my phone, even holding it up for her inspection. Just then it vibrated in my hand, causing me to jump a little.

It was a text from Dez: It’s a negative on the EPT.

Yeah, that would be the all-clear we were waiting for.

“Let’s go,” I told Polly.

We got out of the car, both of us being careful to shut the doors as soundlessly as we could. Hunched over, we made our way across the street and through the parking lot, all sorts of stealthy-like. The Mission: Impossible theme song kept playing over and over in my head, but I knew Tom Cruise didn’t have jack squat on us. Once we reached the front of the club, we pressed our backs against the wall and I lightly tapped on the door. First two raps, a pause, and then three more.

“Is that the code you guys agreed on for the knock?” Polly asked in a whisper.

“No. We don’t have one,” I said with a shrug. “I just thought … Oh, shut it. I’m nervous, okay?”

Polly let out a squeak of a giggle and then hurriedly covered her mouth to stifle any more sounds. That was about the time Dez opened the door.

“What the fuck are you asshats doing?” she asked with a stern whisper, then turned her scowling face on Polly. “Are you trying to get us caught? This isn’t a slumber party, Gidget.”

Polly dropped her hand and did her best to keep a straight face. “Sorry.”

“Cute outfit,” she said as she looked Polly over, her tone of voice taking a sudden turn into Valley Girl land, which Dez never did. Polly was definitely rubbing off on her. I’d point it out later and watch her get all defensive because it would be funny.

Polly beamed at the compliment. “Thanks! You too,” she said, looking her over in turn.

Dez was dressed in much the same way as Polly. In fact, it was the same outfit she’d had on when she’d shown up at Noah’s to “kidnap” me. I was pretty sure it wasn’t what she’d worn to work.

“Did you change?” I asked her, because that wasn’t at all like Dez, either.

She gave me a well-duh look and stomped one foot lightly. “I couldn’t exactly wear the same thing for both work and this, now could I?”

I rolled my eyes in Polly’s direction. “Jeez, you are never allowed to talk to my friends again. You’re like a damn disease.”

Dez looked stunned. “What are you talking about?”

“You caught Polly’s girly cooties. No worries—we’ll get you fixed up with one quick visit to the prison on conjugal visit day.”

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