She sucked in a breath and then her lips parted slightly, a soft moan spilling forth. Her eyes closed and her legs opened to me as if my words had commanded them to.

“So if you call that stalking, then yeah, I guess I’ll be stalking you.” I moved my hand over her abdomen to the mound that resided below it, and she rolled her hips into my touch, another soft moan escaping her lips.

“I’m a strong believer in the three P’s: proclaim, protect, and provide. I will give you everything you need. Everything,” I said, slipping my fingers inside her while my thumb applied pressure to her sweet spot. “You are mine to take care of. So if I find another guy sniffing around what belongs to me, I’m going to go after him, and I will inflict pain. Are you sure you’re ready for that level of commitment, Delaine?”

“Oh, God. Yes, Noah.” She moaned as I curled my fingers back and forth inside her.

“I am a god, ruler of my world, and you are my world,” I told her, moving my other hand to her breast and manipulating one taut peak. “I can and will give you everything you need to feel good. But I’m a jealous, vengeful god, Lanie.”

She moved a hand between her legs to cover mine as I finger-fucked her, and the other palmed the back of my neck. “I’m … shit … I’m yours, Noah. Just … oh, God … yours.”

“Good. I’m glad we agree,” I said, pushing my fingers in further and with more purpose. “Do you want to come?”

She nodded.

“Hmm, I’m not so sure you do,” I said, toying with her. “Beg for it.”

“Please,” she said breathlessly.

“Oh, come on. Surely you can do better than that,” I said, rolling her nipple between my fingertips. “Convince me.”


She arched her back while digging her nails into my neck and pushing down on the hand I had between her legs.

My fingers worked steadfastly, but when her walls began to tighten, I pulled back, halting my efforts. “I don’t think so, kitten. Not until you convince me.”

She whimpered. “Please, Noah. Give it to me. Let me come on your fingers.”

Goddamn, I wanted her. But I needed her release to fill me, sustain me until I could have her again.

“Oh, you will come, Lanie, but not on my fingers.” I released her, only to pick her up and turn her so that her ass was perched on the edge of the stone-tiled wall surrounding the bathtub. A nice, fluffy towel was already there, so she wouldn’t be too uncomfortable, given what I’d just done to her a little while ago.

I was so anxious to give her what she wanted, to taste her, that I wasn’t quite as careful spreading her knees apart to allow me access to her pretty little kitty. But there were no cries of protest, only a cry of pleasure as I buried my face between her thighs and began to lap at her silken folds with the flattened part of my tongue. She fisted her hands in my hair—damn if I didn’t fucking love it when she did that—and then she hooked her legs over my shoulders with her knees falling to the side, giving me full access.

I looked up at her and she was watching me, so I made a big show of letting her see my long, thick tongue work her juicy little clit.

“Fuck,” she whispered, and then bit down on her bottom lip. She lovingly pushed her fingers through the locks of hair on the side of my head. “That feels so unbelievably fantastic. Do you like the way I taste, Noah?”

I closed my eyes and let out an “Mmm …” before giving her slit tender kisses.

I heard her suck in a breath of air, and I looked back up at her, making sure she was still watching me. She was. Reaching my arm around her thigh, I used my fingers to pull back the hood of skin at her apex to reveal the fleshy meat hidden beneath. She needed to have the full view to really appreciate what I was doing, and I gave it to her.

I leaned forward again and sucked her engorged bud into my mouth, pulling back my head and letting it go before doing it again and again.

“Jesus,” she said in a hiss. “Come up here and fuck me, Noah. I need you inside me.”

I ignored her, completely enthralled by the effect I was having on her not just physically but mentally and emotionally. My eyes were trained on her face, watching every little detailed expression of pleasure, because knowing I was making her feel good … it just fucking did things to me.

She was enthralled by what I was doing to her as well, her eyes following with rapt fascination every move I made. I bared my teeth, scraping her clit with them before the pointed end of my tongue slowly flicked back and forth over the delicious little nub. She sucked in a stuttered breath, her grip tightening in my hair as I encompassed the pert bud with my lips and gave her a wink.

I meant to drive her insane, and apparently I was on the right track.

“Oh, God. You have to stop, baby. You’re going to make me come, and I want your cock inside me.”

No way—no fucking way was I going to deprive myself of the sweet nectar I knew awaited me as my reward. I didn’t stop. Instead, I drove her to the edge, flicking my tongue back and forth over her little pleasure bud with lightning speed, sucking it into my mouth and stroking it with my lips, coaxing her orgasm out.

“No. Don’t,” she said, cursing under her breath while pulling on my hair in a vain attempt to make me stop. I ate that pussy like I’d never have a chance to again, although I knew damn well that I would. I’d make sure of it.

“You’re going to make me …” She pushed and pulled on my head, trying to get me to release her, but I didn’t give an inch. Her body was going to give me the result I was looking for, and I wasn’t going to stop until I got it.

“Damn it! No …,” she half moaned, half growled, then she pushed on the back of my head so that my face was completely buried in her treasure trove. Her thighs slammed shut, putting my head in a viselike grip as her body stiffened and her juices gushed onto my awaiting tongue. I licked, I sucked, I swallowed. All of it. Mine, all mine.

As the orgasm I gave her subsided, the grip she had on my hair loosened and her thighs became lax. She cupped each side of my face in her hands and forced me to look up at her. “You are so infuriating,” she said between labored breaths.

“I’m pretty sure we’ve gone over this before, Delaine. I’m insatiable. Don’t ever try to deny me what I want, because I’ll always get it in the end,” I said with a smirk as her chest heaved and I pulled her back into the bath.

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