The bell dinged, signaling our stop at another floor. Before the doors opened, Noah pulled away and stood by my side. A nurse stepped on, carrying a food tray. Judging by the way her eyes widened when she took in my appearance, I’d say she knew exactly what we’d been up to. My chest was heaving, I was sure my hair looked every bit as disheveled as my clothes, and I could feel the flush on my skin. When Nurse Observant finally stopped staring at me, she swept her eyes over Noah … and gasped. I turned to find the cause of her reaction, but he seemed perfectly normal to me. I was about to chalk it up to it being merely the effect his gorgeousness had on women when I suddenly noticed the enormous bulge in the front of his pants. I quickly stepped in front of him to block Nurse Observant’s view of the colossal cock. Just then another nurse stepped onto the elevator, and the two soon were engaging in conversation, which meant I wasn’t going to have to spoon the bitch’s eyes out for ogling my man.

Noah put his arm around my waist and pulled me back against him so that my ass was firmly planted against his erection. He nuzzled my ear with his nose and grinded against me, whispering, “Jealous, Lanie?”

I shook my head.

He chuckled quietly and gave my exposed neck a soft kiss. “Yes, you are.” His warm breath caressed my ear. “I want to fuck you. Right now. Right here. In this elevator. With them watching.”

My heart literally skipped a beat. I’d never thought of myself as kinky, but I wasn’t really surprised that exhibitionism turned out to be a turn-on for me. Noah had already shown me so many different sides of the person I truly was on the inside—someone that I hadn’t known existed before. Damned if I didn’t want him to do it just as badly as he wanted to. And I knew it wasn’t only so those hussies would know he belonged to me, either.

The elevator finally stopped on the ground floor, and Noah led me out the front doors to where Samuel was waiting with the limousine. Once we were inside, Noah pulled me to him and kissed me deeply.

“I missed you,” he said, breaking the kiss.

Noah had been by my side throughout the entire ordeal with my mother and we hadn’t gone one day without seeing each other, but I knew what he meant. With the exception of the one time, we hadn’t been able to hide away to, um, take care of business. We were both wound up pretty tightly, and it seemed yet another separation was on the horizon, what with me going home to stay with my parents and all. I hoped we’d have a lot more alone time despite that, though, because I was not one bit averse to sneaking out into the woods with him and doing it like a couple of adolescent teens.

“Me too,” I whispered, stroking his cheek.

A mischievous smile crept up on his face. “And don’t think I’ve forgotten about your punishment, either.”

I sighed and rolled my eyes. “Not with the stupid panties again.”


“Oh, yes,” he said, grabbing my hair roughly and forcing me to look at him, which really turned me on. Holy crapola, did it ever. “It was a cheap shot, and you know it, so you must be punished.”

“And what might my punishment be, Mr. Crawford?” I asked, eagerly playing along.

“I might have an idea. Hungry?” he asked, and I nodded. “Good, because I’ve got something for you right here.”

I heard the clinking of his belt buckle and then the metal against metal as his zipper was released.

“I missed your lips,” he said, kissing me chastely. Then he sighed heavily. “And I really missed your mouth.”

He wasn’t talking about my sarcastic wit, either, and it kind of made me all giddy inside because I knew I could take care of that for him, gladly.

With his hand still fisted in my hair, he pushed my head down toward his crotch, where his cock was already free and giving me a Hey! How are ya? I’m the piece of meat that’s about to get crammed down the back of your throat when my man, Noah, there forces you headfirst into his lap so that he can fuck your mouth. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Shouldn’t have worn the panties, woman.

I stifled a giggle because it wasn’t like I was the least bit intimidated by the threat. How could something I wanted be considered punishment? I was getting off easy. Or, rather, he was going to be the one to get off. And maybe that was his angle.

“I love you,” I whimpered, hoping to change his mind if in fact he had no intention of letting me get mine.

“Mmm-hmm. I love you, too, kitten. Now suck my cock,” he said, pushing my head into his lap.

I loved that he hadn’t lost that domineering edge just because admissions of love had been spoken. It wouldn’t have been the same. He wouldn’t have been the same, and I didn’t want him to change who he really was.

The angle I was approaching from wasn’t exactly prime, so I slid onto the floor between his legs and took him in my hand. His skin felt silky smooth and hot, yet he was as solid as marble, and I couldn’t help but admire his cock. He was all I had bragged that he was, and I’d missed him so.

I took him into my mouth and hummed at finally having him back there. He was right; I did enjoy having his cock in my mouth a little too much.

“Fuck, yeah. You love this, don’t you? Bad girls like to suck cock, don’t they? Let me see.” He groaned as he gathered my hair up into his hand so that he could have a better view to watch what I was doing.

I hummed again in answer and bobbed my head more earnestly, wanting to make him happy. Saliva was dripping down his shaft, making it easier for me to exaggerate my motions and take him deeper.

Noah hissed. “Goddamn, that feels so fucking perfect. I love to hear those wet sounds when you’re sucking my cock real good and proper like that.”

I started to move faster, spurred on by his dirty talk and a growl from somewhere deep within his chest erupted. Noah pulled hard on my hair and immobilized me. Then he started thrusting his hips, his dick quickly moving back and forth inside my mouth. I could feel him hit the back of my throat with each stroke, and he pulled nearly all the way out before pushing back in again. It was all I could do to control my gag reflex, but I loved it when he fucked my mouth.

“I wish everyone else could see how fucking good you look sucking my cock,” he grunted.

I have no idea what came over me; perhaps it was the realization from the elevator moments before, or the fact that I wanted everyone to see how good I made this man feel, but whatever the reason, I reached my hand up and pressed the button that controlled the window. The tinted glass slid down, giving greater Chicago front-row seats to our little show. I felt like a porn star who’d just won the Golden Cock, even though the only thing anyone could see was my head bobbing up and down and Noah’s face with its expression of orgasmic pleasure. But make no mistake, anyone who pulled up next to us would definitely know what was up in the back seat of that limousine.

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