“Patience, kitten. You know I always take care of you.”

True story.

Noah pulled his body away from mine, and moved my arms down until my hands were planted flat against the wall at my sides. He hummed in contemplation as he looked me over and then bit down on his bottom lip. “I’m going to let go of your hands now, Delaine, but I want you to keep them in place. If you move them, you will not get your release. Do you understand me?”

“I really hate you for this,” I said, but knew I would do anything he asked. So did he.

He smirked again. “No, you don’t. You already told me you love me, and you can’t take it back.” He kissed the tip of my nose and then slowly pulled his hands away.


Sinking to my knees, I slipped my hands beneath the hem of Lanie’s dress and pushed the skirt up and over her hips. I couldn’t help the overwhelming urge to nuzzle her center, so I flicked my tongue out to sample the sweet taste of her arousal that had seeped through the black silk material. “Mmm, hors d’oeuvres. I think I’ll keep these for later.” I ripped her panties from her body. Those fuckers had been outlawed and had no business creating a barrier between me and what I wanted.

Lanie gasped in surprise and I smirked up at her. “Never know when I might get hungry again,” I said with a shrug.

“Not that I’ve forgotten your blatant disregard for the no-panties rule, Miss Talbot. You will pay for that. Later.”

I tucked her panties in the front pocket of my jeans. Once they were securely in place, I put my hands on the inside of her knees and pushed, spreading her creamy thighs wide for invasion. I didn’t take my time, didn’t make it slow or sensual; I buried my face between her thighs and attacked. Lanie’s back arched and her knees buckled, but I held her in place with my hands firmly grasping her hips. There was no escaping me or my mouth until I was ready to release her.

I pulled back minutely, mixing the coaxing with the demanding, and saw her fingers twitch out of the corner of my eye. “Please don’t move those hands, kitten. I’d hate to have to stop before I give you what you want, but I’m a man of my word, and I will, so don’t test me,” I warned with my lips grazing her sensitive spot.


“Please, Noah. Please, I need to …” I fucking loved to hear her beg for what only I could give to her. It made my cock impossibly hard, and I was overcome with the urge to get it wet.

Really, there was no reason we couldn’t both be appeased at the same time—kill two birds with one stone, or cock, as it were. Getting dental was a necessity first, though, so I nipped at her clit, letting her guttural groan linger and then grow into something altogether animalistic as I sucked on the taut knot with a vigorous hunger. Giving her delectable little pussy one last, long lick, I stood before her and planted my hands against the wall on either side of her head. When I pressed my body against Lanie’s, I made damn sure she could feel my hardness.

“This is what you fucking do to me. It’s really quite painful, but I assure you, the pleasure is also there,” I told her, relishing her moans of appreciation as I continued to work myself against her very naked, very wet cunt. The purpose was to drive her crazy, which it did, but I was also insane and unwilling to wait any longer.

Quickly stepping back, I made fast work of my belt and jeans before pulling them down far enough to let my dick spring free. Then I slipped my hands between her thighs and onto the wall, forcing them to spread as I lifted her until she was at the perfect height with her legs draped over my forearms.

“I’m going to take my time with you once I get you back home, but for now, this will have to be quick. Hold on to me, kitten,” I said, finally giving her permission to touch me.

Lanie hooked her arms under mine and grabbed the top of my shoulders with her hands and I entered her … deep. When we both moaned out in pleasure, I was forced to muffle our sounds with my mouth or risk drawing unwanted attention or causing some nosy nurse—or, God forbid, her father—to come investigate. I most definitely did not want to kick off my official relationship with the woman I loved by having her father threaten to send me to the morgue. Although apparently rigor mortis had already set in, at least in my cock—I was that fucking hard for her.

Not to worry, I was buried balls deep inside my Lanie, and that was more than enough to take care of the issue at large. Over and over again, I thrust into her, going deeper and deeper with each urgent stab. She sank her nails into my shoulder, and I could feel the bite from them digging through my shirt, but it didn’t deter me because that shit felt good when I knew it was derived from the pleasure I was giving to her. My girl’s kisses became needy, my thrusts frenzied until finally I felt her walls clench around my cock with a throbbing pulse and she moaned into my mouth. Her body stiffened and her thighs attempted to clamp shut of their own accord as she shuddered in my arms with her orgasm. It was all the permission I needed to finally let go myself and spill my seed into her with a final strangled grunt, my hips jerky with incomplete strokes until I was spent.

Hands down, best quickie ever. I’ll admit to feeling like a douche for taking her that way the first time after our confessions of love, but I would most definitely be making it up to her later. Over and over again, until she was thoroughly satisfied. And then start at the beginning again, because like my girl pointed out, I was insatiable.

I pulled out of Lanie and eased her down the wall until her feet touched the floor. She swayed a little lethargically in my arms, so I gathered her back up to me. “Easy, kitten. You okay?”

She sighed contentedly. “Oh yeah, I’m really okay.”

I chuckled at her response. She had the same effect on me—not that I was all that surprised, because it had been that way from the very first week we’d spent together, and it always would be.

Always? Was I thinking long-term about our relationship? Damn straight I was. She was mine.

4: Envy Me, Bitches


“He did not!” my mother squealed.

Dez laughed at her reaction. “Oh yes he did. You should’ve seen him, Momma Faye. He was all”—Dez tucked her chin to her chest and spread her shoulders to mimic my father—“ ‘That’s my wife, boy, and I’ll be goddamned if I’m gonna sit by and let some pimply-faced orderly who’s just barely reached puberty and still jacked up on teenage hormones give her a sponge bath! I’m the only man who touches those goodies! Leave the sponge and the tub, and walk away slowly, son, before someone gets hurt.’ ”

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